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How Activated Alumina Deal with Transformer oil filtration services.!

Transformer oil filtration process:-

Electrical transformers work to change over the high voltage vitality created at power plants and change this vitality to usable lower voltage vitality, which runs customer and business control needs.
These transformers are an indispensable bit of the power framework, which by definition comprises of
The power era and transmission lines which flawlessly give a persistent supply of dependable,
Predictable vitality paying little heads to the end client control necessities.
Transformers contain paper-oil protection frameworks intended to avert overheating. After some time, water may collect in transformers because of holes in gaskets and welds, ill-advised fixing, poor support, lacking drying at the season of generation, and normal maturing of protection materials inside the transformer.

Collected moisture and other byproducts of insulation degradation lead to reduced effectiveness in energy transmission and eventually dielectric breakdown, resulting in power outages.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, power outages and other interruptions in the electricity
Distribution system cost the U.S. economy at least $150 billion annually; an annual cost of about $500
for each man, woman, and child.

Moisture in transformer oil is one of the most common causes of breakdown. Moisture advances insulation degradation and causes decreased dielectric strength and increased mechanical stress on equipment.

It leaves transformers susceptible to corrosion, oxidation, fractures, restricted oil flow, increased heat and aeration, among other harmful side effects. Also, check this: -activated alumina adsorbent for water filtration.

Simply, transformer life is measured by the health of its insulation system. For every doubling in moisture content, transformer life is reduced by half. The water content in transformer oil must be kept to a level of 10ppm or less.
Regular maintenance of water content in transformer oil is essential.
To keep moisture out, transformers may include conservator or inert gas systems and online oil filtration systems.
Oven drying or vacuuming the system also removes moisture, but requires excessive time, labor, and

Laboratory tests prove the best way to restore and maintain transformer oil properties is a
Combination of adsorbents, desiccants such as Activated alumina

 Removes water in transformer oil to less than 10ppm, more than expanding transformer life and providing greatly improved energy transmission to the power grid.

 Transformer oil filtration plant

In the manufacture of electrical equipment’s such as Transformers the use of insulating oils, such as Mineral Transformer oil, becomes indispensable.
 The Dialectical properties of this oil may vary depending on the content of the Gas, Moisture, Suspended Particles, and other contaminants.
The Even new oil absorbs gas and moisture while in storage. Prior to its use, therefore, it has to be reconditioned. Also Read: activated alumina-water filter
Tuning and purification of the oil are also necessary due to captivation of gas and moisture during service and due to the development of aging products.
These plants of various design and capacities carry out the following operations:

  • ·         Removal of suspended particles by filtering,
  • ·         Degassing and dehumidification,
  • ·         Flushing and cleaning of transformers,
  • ·         De-acidification

How Activated Alumina Deal with Moisture Problems in Transformer oil filtration plant.!

Activated Alumina Is highly absorbent and Reveals tremendous Surface Area. Due to its unique properties, it is being more preferred to use in Oil Filtration Systems.
It is sturdy to thermal Shock and graze and will not shrink, swell, soften nor disintegrate when absorbed in water.
The uniformity of Bead Size prevents gas flow controlling and minimizes pressure drop. In addition
to this, there are various Advantages of Activated Alumina Balls due to which it has become well
known among various Adsorbents.

 It has uniform Ball Size having high Defeating Strength, very good Adsorption Capacity, Low Bulk Density and Low Attrition Loss. Due to such properties, Activated Alumina Balls becomes a one-sided option for use in various applications such as Transformer Oil Filtration Plant.
The above diagram Shows a Transformer oil filtration plant having a Chamber at each side 

filled with Activated Alumina Balls

Transformer Oil is passed through a chamber having Activated Alumina Balls via which the oil would be purified i.e. Moisture contents would be removed and would be absorbed by our material. – Being One Kind of solution for moisture is well known for this application. 

We are having long client base satisfied with the use of Activated Alumina Ball for oil purification.
Activated Alumina – As Acid Reduction Material
Now Query rises can the total acid numbers be reduced in Transformer Oil? The reply  to this
Would be certainly yes you can, Use Activated Alumina Ball. Hard Working Lube-Oils and
Hydraulic Fluids Change their Characteristic with time. Acid is one by-product of aging. Acid is by-
Product of complex chemical reactions within the systems


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