Monday, 13 July 2015

Activated Alumina For Air Drying

Good maintenance and purity of products is the need of all manufacturing industries in today’s days.The best solution to this,is the use of Activated Alumina.It comes out as a best product in this time and zone with effective maintenance properties.Activated alumina is prepared by the dehydroxylation process using aluminium hydroxide as the chief material.It is basically a dessicant that has a high degree of porous material.The main role of these dessicants is to absorb the moisture,water vapor,humidity,odor etc.The dessicants are available in a variety of types which makes it possible for purifying,drying as well as cleaning the air in cost effective manner.It makes it more stronger and thereby reduces the chances of contamination.Activated alumina finds a wide range of applications including water purification and industrial air drying. The activated alumina balls are used for heated air drying and for van drying.


The molecular sieves with high content of sodium alumina silicate beads has a pressure dew at the point of -100 degree Fahrenheit whereas the silica gel can also be used as absorbent at a dew point of -40 degree Fahrenheit. Hence,the activate alumina balls will have the almost same dew point in the range of -40 to-100 degree Fahrenheit.They are available in different bead sizes such as 1mm to 8mm.They are efficient for some of the processes like heated,compressed,heatless and also for the refrigerated type of air drying activated alumina applications.

One more alternative process include the Molsiv adsorbent alumina balls as the Aluminium oxide compound is resistant towards thermal shock,abrasion,highly porous surface area and many others.The alumina balls have high water carrying capacity and will never sink when immersed in water.The balls do not swell,disintegrate and soften when in comes in contact with water.They retain their properties with rising temperature compared to silica gel.Activated alumina AD101 has the best high level of dehydration rate.


Activated alumina balls find a wide range of applications including fluoride water filter,tower packing,column internals,air drying and many more. Besides they are extremely useful in purification of liquids and gases,drying of gases like oxygen,hydrogen,nitrogen,carbon-dioxide and many more.They are also useful in natural gas productions for the compression plants,LPG,LNG etc.