Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Alumina Balls For Drying Of Organic Liquids

About  Activated Alumina Balls:

Activated alumina has a lot of micro-paths, so the exact surface is always large. It can be used as a porous catalyst carrier and desiccant. It is also a type of the pole-molecular absorbent and trace water desiccant, according to the immersed molecular polarization, the force of attachment is  very strong for oxide, acetic acid water, alkali and many more. Activated alumina ball has got a low abrasion,  great strength, no lessen in water, hydrogen-generation no crack, no powdery and  no expansion, It can extensive use in the deep drying of, ethylene, cracked gas and propylene, fluorine treatment, instrument air drying, and, air separation for H2O2, they are also been used in the pollution material, such as paraffin, HF and H2S, SO2, in the water gas, particularly in the drinking water defluorination.

Activated Alumina Balls

In the Chemical Industry Activated Alumina Balls is used to take care of ores and works by making them extremely absorptive and porous. These Activated Alumina Balls are insoluble in water they are colorless sphere ball, organic liquids, insoluble in water and soluble in strong acid. They also include a strong alkali mixture to the property of great strength, and after absorbing it does not split water, outstanding thermal stability and tough resistance of visualization poisoning. They are also used for for natural gas purification, H2S acid gas, oil refinery, petrochemical plants, desulfurization plants, the Claus sulfur revival in chemical plants.

They are high in quality
Large combined capacity
They are Durable


Purification of gases and liquids
Air drying and separation of air
Need of Generation of Hydrogen
Used in the chemical industry

Activated alumina acts as desiccant and also acts as catalyst carrier. They are very much significant for industries of all types to make use of the desiccants for dropping the operating cost and even the energy consumption. Due to the high property, it can take out gases state and make them to  activated alumina for drying the gas adsorbent. So, moisture is taken out from the gases so as to evade many unwanted effects on the packing. It can also defeat by some danger such as catalyst contamination, liquid formation, and corrosion. Therefore, there are few basic water removal methods that are appeared in many applications that are simply maintained with improved results. furthermore, the activated alumina balls allow the gas streams to get release from moisture and they are able to reduce the hazards.