Monday, 29 December 2014

Activated Alumina Balls-Ensuring Proper Purification of Products

Product purification has become a necessity in today’s time due to the increased pollution and hazardous weather conditions. Activated alumina balls can surely help you in ensuring proper purification of products so that there’s no impact on the product’s quality, even when it has been received by the customer. Activated alumina balls are being used across the world as high quality purifying agents due to the various benefits they render. They are a truly porous type of aluminum oxide that can help in removing all kinds of impurities and moisture from products, which no other substance is able to provide.

Due to their quick drying properties, these desiccants are used extensively worldwide in several industries where product purification is a must. Product purification for preventing them from harm and enhancing their shelf life is essential for all kinds of manufacturing industries. These aluminum desiccants can serve a lot of other purposes as well. Activated alumina has high adsorption quality, which is the reason it also enjoys a strong crushing strength, thereby handling a lot of impurities easily.

There are several other kinds of desiccants that also enjoy a huge resistant power from thermal shock and any kind of abrasion. The Activated Alumina AD101 can also be used for separation and dehydration of liquids and gases. There are several essential reasons, including the surface area, adsorption, mechanical strength and pore size, which make this substance the best for the purification process of different liquids. It can serve several industrial purposes easily when used in tandem with alumina F200. Organic liquids like propylene, LPG, gasoline and aromatic solvents too can be easily purified using these alumina balls. They can work efficiently even at high temperature levels.

The best thing about buying and using activated alumina balls is that they can be purchased in bulk at low rates for the purpose of serving different industries. This certainly helps a manufacturing unit grow by gaining the trust of the customer. Customers trust companies that offer products at good rates and in good quality. Activated alumina is utilized for a huge range of catalyst applications and adsorbents in polyethylene production as a chosen adsorbent.

These are some of the most significant reasons why activated alumina balls can be easily used for proper purification of products. So, every business owner needs to trust these substances for the purpose of dehydrating and separating various liquids. 

Activated Alumina is a substance which is manufactured using aluminum hydroxide. It can easily possess a surface area of more than 200 square meters per gram. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Drying Compressed Air with Activated Alumina

Over the years, the commercial drying conditions have become more demanding with customers outlining the pressures, velocities and regeneration frequencies for their air service. To satisfy these needs, different formulations of activated alumina are used for removing the water from air and other gases. It is a prominent way to dry compressed air and gases with relatively high humidity. The major reasons for its widespread acceptance in various applications are physical and chemical resistance, low cost, and a high capacity to retain water and regenerability.

Activated Alumina F200

Being an excellent desiccant, it is basically a smooth sphere of alumina produced by a unique manufacturing process for drying a variety of gases and liquids. The molecules with high polarity are preferentially adsorbed on it, whereas many stream conditions like concentration, pressure and molecular weight of the molecules affect the adsorption efficiency. F-200 is rapidly becoming an ideal product for both small and large dryers in the following areas:
Acid removal: During the manufacturing of fluorinated or chlorinated hydrocarbons, various acids are removed using this compound, resulting in a product which is completely non-corrosive.also Check our Latest article here:Oxygen Absorbers | Food Storage | O-Buster Suppliers

Hydrocarbon adsorption: The surface chemistry and pore size distributions of Air Drying Activated Alumina play an important role in the adsorption of any hydrocarbon.

Process steam purification: It is an excellent material for the removal of any polar compounds like alcohol and water. It also readily adsorbs heavy metal ions and TBC from hydrocarbons.

Drying: As removal of water is necessary for efficient storage, processing and transportation of fluids, F-200 can be readily used in these applications to dry almost all gases and liquids.

Advantages of F200

The following properties make it an ideal product for many industries:
Low abrasion: This property makes sure that there is less dusting during loading, transport and service life, which, in turn, minimizes the filter plugging and downstream valve, an issue quite common with dustier products.

High crush strength: A high crush strength of Activated Alumina F200 allows rapid loading of towers and their use as taller towers, which makes desiccant to be used more efficiently. This property also enables it to dehydrate any acid containing liquids and gases for a relatively longer operating life.

Uniform size of the ball: The uniform sphericity of  these balls prevents segregation of adsorbent during pneumatic loading, thereby minimizing the channelling and yielding more efficient use of the entire desiccant tower.
High adsorption capacity: The high surface area of this compound provides high H2O adsorption capacity.

Based on the above points, it is evident that this is the best all purpose desiccant for drying most of the gases with relatively high humidities and air.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Air drying activated alumina – the safest way to purify liquids and gas products

Moisture often plays an adverse role in the safety of various industrial products. It is almost axiomatic that moisture or water can have a huge impact on the quality and nature of the products especially when it is a pharmaceutical product or electronic product. Pharmaceutical products or medicines are mainly made of different chemical ingredients that can cause reaction with moisture or water. Thus the key quality of the medicines may get damaged. This is why a perfect adsorbent and desiccant are so much important for maintaining the quality and nature of the products. There are many different types of adsorbents available in the market that are available for different purposes but the most effective and well-known of them all is activated alumina. also Check our Latest article here:Oxygen Absorbers | Food Storage | O-Buster Suppliers

This is one of the best and widely used desiccants of the present time. In many industrial sectors, this desiccant is used massively. It is mostly used for purifying and adsorbing moisture from the air and for dehydrating the ingredients or products. It is basically a form of aluminium oxide with wider surface and it is highly porous which makes this desiccant usable for wide range or purposes. Its adsorbing capacity and crushing strength have been appreciated in many industries. The key application of this desiccant is purification, separation and dehydration of various gases and liquids. When immersed into water it doesn’t get shrunk or disintegrated.

There are numbers of features of activated airdying alumina which make this highly preferable in various industries. One of the key features is its surface area. Due to excellent surface area, this can absorb more moisture or water from the air and this quality is accompanied by good adsorption ability. Another advantageous factor is its pore size that is comparatively larger than any other popular desiccants. When compared to silica gel, this desiccant has more capacity to absorb water at a higher temperature. This has also outdone the application of Zeolites in a number of industrial sectors. Activated alumina is available in the form of small balls which are known as activated alumina balls.

In most of the occasions, two types of activated alumina which are activated alumina AD101 and F200 are used for the purification of various gases and liquids. Organic liquids such as LPG, propylene, aromatic solvents, gasoline are dehydrated with the use of this adsorbent. And the best part is presently with more companies providing their service through online, users can get hold of this desiccant through internet. Irrespective of the quantity and the purpose of use, users can purchase these balls from online. All they need to be careful about with the different grades and specifications of the balls.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Ensure quality purification of products with Activated Alumina

So many new types of techniques are being adopted for product purification. Yes, a significant purification of all the different types of products has become really important for the prime purpose of ensuring that the quality is intact. You will often get to see the utilization of Aluminum as a purifying agent. There have adequate reasons behind this. This highly porous form of aluminum oxide has an immense effectiveness of removing moisture and impurities from the products on a different range of weather conditions. also Read: desiccant activated alumina

This is why these desiccants are massively appreciated by all those industries where product purification is of immense importance. Though purification of products in order to prevent them from damages and increase their longevity is important for all types of industries but, when it comes to pharmaceutical industries or any chemical purification processes, the importance increases manifold and as these aluminum desiccants serve the purposes quite appropriately, it makes enough sense to utilize these products for the purpose. Buy best quality food grade bags for food packaging here

On account of having some striking qualities, activated Alumina is highly admired. Aside from the high absorption quality, this desiccant also has powerful crushing strength. More so, few types of these desiccants also have a high resistant power from high thermal shock and any sort of abrasion. This is why these desiccants cover a vast range of application like’ for dehydration, separation and purification of liquids and gases. They never get disintegrated and shrink when saturated with water.

Now we should have a look at those features which make them an ideal choice for numerous industrial applications and that includes; adsorption, surface area, pore size, mechanical strength etc. and these qualities in turn make activated alumina the best purifying option for the specified industrial purposes. Generally, there are two different varieties, activated alumina AD101 and activated alumina F200 which are primly used for absorption and purification of gases and liquids by removing all types of impurities and antiseptics. Check This Latest article: activated alumina water treatment

These two forms of alumina are also effective enough to dry out different types of organic liquids such as; LPG, propylene, aromatic solvents, gasoline etc. They have higher quality of water absorption at different temperature which makes them a better choice than silica gel.

This particular for of alumina can be purchased in bulk numbers in order to serve different requirements of different industries and you will get different grades and specifications of these products, which you should choose carefully depending upon the actual needs.also Check our Latest article here:Oxygen Absorbers | Food Storage | O-Buster Suppliers