Thursday, 17 September 2015

Alumina Balls For Removing Moisture

About Activated Alumina Balls:

One can sense moisture in the air which is always present in more or less quantity. In the coastal region, one can find a high level of humidity and you might feel if you could reduce the moisture in the air. In such a place, air conditioning dehumidifiers come into place, as it helps in drying the additional air present in the environment. Likewise, there are several other commercial requirements of drying air and other gases used to avoid undesirable effects such as formation of ice or water, corrosion, or contamination of catalyst caused by the content in moisture.

Alumina is a simple, effective and reliable solution for drying air. Aluminum hydroxide is placed under the process of dehydroxylation, giving people alumina balls as the end product. The alumina balls are extremely porous material which contain a huge surface area. Along with the applications of air drying, the alumina is used for several other purposes such as purification of water, drying air and as a carrier of a catalyst. Each alumina ball is capable of absorbing and holding huge amounts of moisture without any change in the form or properties. It does not produce any chemical reaction when it comes in touch with moisture or other vapours and gases, as it is a shock-resistant. As it is completely non-toxic, it does not swell or disintegrate due to moisture or it does not dissolve in water.

Activated Alumina Balls In Chemical Industry:

Activated alumina balls are widely used for removing moisture and for the purpose of purification and other treatments. The alumina balls are highly porous and are one of the forms of aluminum oxide. These balls are potent enough to work under static and dynamic conditions.

Activated Alumina F200:

Activated Alumina F200

Activated Alumina F200

One of the well-known variants of air drying activated alumina is the activated alumina F200. It is a smooth sphere of activated alumina which is utilized in several other uses. When used in air dryers, the spherical structure, uniform sized-activated alumina F200 balls do not go under the segregation process of absorbent. This minimizes channeling and proves to be more effectual in the utilization of both small and large dryers for both thermally regenerative (350 to 600 degree F) and pressure swing (PSA) modes. It is a reliable product used for various air and gas drying processes. It is capable of meeting the desired requirements with less involvement.

  • It is used in supersonic wind tunnel and compressed air.

  • It is applied in drying gas, hydrogen, oxygen, air separation plants, inert and rare gases, nitrogen and CO2.

  • It is applied in the compression and production of plants, LPG and LNG.

  • It is applied in naphtha cuts, cracked gas and aromatic objects.

  • It is applied in chemical industry.