Monday, 14 March 2016

F200 Activated Alumina- Best Adsorbent for Liquid, Gas Drying

What is F200 Activated Alumina?

Activated Alumina is a highly popular desiccant used for many purposes like waste water treatment,  drying of many liquids and natural gases. For efficient liquid and gas drying, most companies prefer using F200 Activated Alumina. This series of Activated Alumina desiccant has a smooth as well as large surface area and is thus the preferred choice of petroleum and natural gas companies. In the market, F200 Activated Alumina is available in standard sizes like 1/16", 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" spheres.

While using F200 Activated Alumina for drying liquids and gases, only those molecules having the highest level of polarity are usually adsorbed. The performance of this grade of Activated Alumina also depends on many factors like pressure, concentration and weight of the molecules, temperature among others.

Benefits of Using F200 Activated Alumina

Mainly used in the drying of liquids and natural gases, there are many benefits of opting for F200 Activated Alumina. Scroll down to know what they are:

1)  Same-sized Alumina balls: One of the major benefits of using F200 Activated Alumina is that all the alumina balls are of the same size. This feature is helpful while drying high pressure gases where preventing a drop in pressure is very important. Uniformity of the alumina balls protects against desiccant separation while pneumatic loading. Same-sized Activated Alumina desiccant also reduces the chances of channeling the liquid and gas flows.
2)     Greater adsorption capacity: The major benefit of using F200 Activated Alumina desiccant is that it has a very large surface area and even pore distribution. Both these features make it an excellent adsorbent, thus helping in liquid and natural gas drying. F200 is also known to have very good cyclic stability that results in a longer shelf life.
3)     Low levels of abrasion: F200 Activated Alumina is known to have lesser levels of abrasion, while is helpful for transportation and loading/unloading purposes. The low levels of abrasion leads to lesser amounts of abrasion. Lower abrasion also results in drop in pressure and brings down instances of downstream valve and filter plugging.
4)   High crush strength: Activated Alumina F200 has high crush strength, which helps in the fast-paced loading of towers. Taller towers are also used thus resulting in maximum utilization of the desiccant. The high crush strength property also helps F200 Activated Alumina desiccant to attract water molecules from acid-containing gases and liquids.

The above-mentioned benefits are a clear indicator as to why F200 Activated Alumina is highly popular among petroleum and natural gas companies.